Late Daya Sagar Ji (1934 – 1996 ) & Late Deva Rani Ji (1939-1997)

Since it's inception in 1972 as a Primary School , been inspired by the foresight of visionary founders Late Daya Sagar Ji and Late Deva Rani Ji today it has emerged as a Senior Secondary School where all round development and application of skills with a focus on learning in the child is our mission.

The foundation of the School was laid by them with the sole aim of providing quality education to students coming from varied socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. Their foray into education had just one aim – to enlighten young minds for the growth of society and nation. They were visionary, focused and generous. The school is a living model of the rich legacy left behind by them. The staff and students of this great centre for education salute the immortal souls.