"Our School Culture"

Dasmesh Public School, siprian-believes in inspiring the students to become successful and responsible citizens.
The curriculum is delivered through an innovative combination of classroom and activity-led learning. It is our mission to blend strong cultural fundamentals of the modern and traditional systems with advanced modern learning tool, thus providing a new direction in education. We not only believe in imparting mere education, but also imbibe in spiritual learning.
Thus the school is amrching ahead with its aim to make the students the ideal citizens of India like, Guru Gobind singh ji - phyisically strong,mentally balanced and spiritually enlightened.

Indoor facilities: School has properly maintained seperate washrooms for boys and girls. Water purifiers are installed with RO's for safe drinking water. Each corner of the school is under CCTV surveillance system. Other facilities are:
1) Infirmary
2) Auditorium, playroom
3) Library
4) Activity Room
5) Multi Facility Classrooms
6) Math's Lab
7) English language lab

Sports at DPS is not just an area for competition to win accolades and medals. It plays a pivotal role in developing team spirit, sportsmanship, exploring and augmenting each child's hidden talents. The specialization in a particular sport is highly encouraged.
Physical activity is an essential ingredient of a dasmeshian's life. All children start the day devoting their half an hour to health run and aerobics

House System
The School provides ample opportunities for the physical, mental and moral development of each child. The house system has been introduced inthe school in order to develop the feeling of co-operation, healthy competitive spirit, leadership, initiative, interaction, love for others and self-discipl ine among the students. It provides opportunities of self-expression and chances to solve common problems and difficulties collectively.

DPS Siprian follows the flexible methodology.The use of experiential learning system is strongly encouraged, which help them to learn and develop a healthy and positive attitude towards learning. School is well-housed with different faculties via: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Science, Mathematics, Social-Science, Art and Craft, Computer and Physical Education.

Methodology & Technology
The medium of instruction is English, Hindi and Punjabi are taught as additional languages on the pattern of three languages formula of Kothari Commission, adopted bythe Govt. of India.

Learning By Doing
Students are given various opportunities to explore, investigate andfind out answers to their questions. Virtual and In-house field tripsgive prospects to their learning.