Dasmeshians are assigned houses and within the houses the senior students are expected to accept considerable responsibility. All competitions in games and co-curricular activities are held on house basis. Teachers are also attached with each of the houses, keeping in view their competency,talent and interest in co-cuurricular. Here are four houses:
Sr. No. House Name House Color
1 Baba Ajit Singh Ji/Rose
2 Baba Jujhar Singh Ji/Deffodil
3 Baba Zorawar Singh Ji/Jasmine
4 Baba Fateh Singh Ji/Lilie

Summer Camp, Educational and Recreational Trips/Tours
Picnics and educational trips/tours are regularly organized for Dasmeshians. Such informal events and outings introduced the Dasmeshians to a multi dimensional life outside the school. Recent trips and tours organised bythe school are:
1. Science City (Jalandhar - Kapurthala Road)
2. Gagan Ji Ka Tilla (Prachin Shiv Mandir, Vill. SahoraKandi, Dasuya)
3. Anandpur Sahib (Rupnagar District, Punjab)

Prize Distribution Ceremony
The school salutes the extraordinary development of the dasmeshians. Each year outstanding students are presented with the awards. The purpose of these awards is to publicly recognize and encourage the pursuit of excellence of dasmeshians.

Values & Virtues

Morning assembly:
Each day is full of excitement at DPS Siprian! The morning assembly gets the students going each day with the latest information, announcements, congratulations and birthdays. Each house presents the assembly in rotational basis giving all students a chance to showcase their talent. Fostering leadership, responsibility and discipline: Bringing out the leader in every child is a constant effort at DPS Siprian. Through examples and encouragement, the qualities of leadership, responsibility and discipline are nurtured amongst the children. Discipline is not something imposed extremely on the child. Discipline is all about self management which is inculcated by embedding sound traditional values and social sense.
Values Inculcation:
At DPS, scholastic excellence goes hand in hand with character building. A strong emphasis on value and knowledge of our rich and varied culture blended with an entirely global approach to education ensures a holistic development of young minds. IN addition students are encouraged to take initiative, be original, honest, to believe in themselves and to work independently and honestly.